Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Sad Day!

The leaver dinner at the mission home for Elder Rigby and Elder Briscoe.  You
can see here that somebody has had their ties cut off!
Elder Briscoe who is headed to Arizona to continue his mission because of 
visa problems leaves apart of himself in the Australia Adelaide Mission. 
Elder Rigby also leaving a tie for our mission tie board.  I think that is a special tie
Elder Rigby and we will think of you every time we look at it.
Elder and Sister Tennis, Elder and Sister Larkin, Elder Briscoe, Elder Skadins,
Elder Matekohi, Elder Pitcher and Elder Rigby. We love having the missionaries
in the mission home but they didn't tell us how hard it is to say goodbye to
missionaries we love so much.  We love you Elder Briscoe and Elder Rigby. 
You are legends in this mission.

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