Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zone Conference in Murray Bridge

So we got up bright and early Tuesday morning and made the beautiful drive to 
Murray Bridge for Zone Conference. The sky was blue and the grass was green!
You can notice our GPS on our dashboard which is our best friend these days. 
I don't know how you would get around Australia without one?  
This is the great Mount Barker Zone!  Elder and Sister Larkin made the trip
to bring us lunch and do some training for us. As well as Elder and Sister Gray
who came to train on having a house of order or... cleanliness is next to
Godliness.Elder Taleo, Elder Pitcher, Elder Pitama, Sister Taylor, Elder McClutchie,
Sister Foo'logo, Elder Lapenmal, Sister Esplin, Elder Johnson and Sister Abonalas.
Lunchtime!!  Sisters first:)
Next come the very hungry Elders. 
Elder B. Johnson and his companion Elder Lapenmal.  Inspite of their size
difference, this is a great companionship who work so hard and are blessing lives!
Today Elder Lapenmal bore his testimony in English and did fantastic!! Thanks to
much hard work and his great companion! True brothers in the Gospel.
President Parker and Elder Larkin have a chat with the great ward mission leader 
of the Murray Bridge Ward, Brother Murray!
Two of our favorite people ever!  Elder and Sister Gray. The Grays will be going
home very soon and they will be missed by all. They have served us all with all
of their heart, might, mind and strength!  Today they are presenting a couple of
"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"  awards to those who have been complimented
on their wonderfully clean flats!!
This is the first bridge built to cross the Murray River.  This is a beautiful community
and we loved visiting there. 

This was the scenery going home. Green rolling hills and beautiful roads.  Its
amazing how great all the roads are without any snow damage.  They are very
well maintained and we just look forward to days we get to travel somewhere

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