Friday, September 25, 2015

Alice Springs

This is President Ford. We were privileged to meet many of his family members 
at this District Conference.  They provided a dinner for us that was unbelievable!!
We so enjoyed the Conference and getting to know many of the wonderful
members who attend the Alice Springs Branch. The theme was Honoring
the Sabbath Day and the messages given were just powerful.  Thank you to all
who participated and made this conference possible. We love you.

Here we are with Brother Gary Bird and his brother.  They came all the way in
from the Bush to be with us at Conference.  Brother Bird shared his great
testimony with us in the Conference and we are so thankful they were there.  
We look forward to getting to know them better over the next 3 years. 

More family members who came for the Conference. We felt such a great spirit
being with all of you and thank you for coming. These are good families who
want to come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. 
ITs so great to come half way around the world and find brothers in the Gospel
serving their families and others. These are great men. 
We couldn't leave without taking a picture of these fabulous missionaries. They
worked together and made a pinewood derby car to enter in their area pinewood 
derby competition. This wasn't just an ordinary car. It was a missionary riding
in the car complete with missionary tag , carrying the flag with Alma 29:9. And
they won a blue ribbon.  Even better than that..... they did much missionary work 
thru service and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they got to know many in
their community through scouting.  Congratulations to all of you!

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