Friday, September 11, 2015

More missionaries completing their missions and heading home!

Today was an emotional day.  As President and I walked into Transfer Meeting
we were not expecting the great feeling of love that swept over us as we knew 
some of our valiant missionaries were leaving us. Oh how we love you.  We 
love your testimonies and your huge hearts.  Here are the missionaries who are leaving,
enjoying a lunch in the mission home with President and I. 
These are our new Sister Training Leaders announced today. Called by revelation 
and ready to lead with confidence and love.  We are so excited to watch you lead
the great sisters in this mission.  Sister Kereama, Sister Soh, and Sister Lee-Lo.
We love you.They join sister Goisisi who is serving as a Sister Training Leader
in Darwin.  We love you Sister Goisisi!
And the tradition begins again.  Here Elder Godfry is leaving a part of himself
(his tie) in the mission.  I think President is enjoying this tie-cutting quite a bit!!
Elder Empy , also from Las Vegas, leaving a bit of himself in this great mission.  

Heres Elder Wilkinson letting us keep a part of him in this mission!
And this is Sister Travers who is leaving a piece of a well worn skirt.  I'm sure 
this served her well as she served the Lord with all of her heart, might and mind and strength.
Sister Rongomate leaves us a piece of  a beautiful skirt that will remind us of her
I feel a little bad cutting into this sorong that belongs to Sister Aspinall. Thank 
you for leaving a part of you in this mission.
Sister Funaki leaving a piece of one of her skirts that will remind us of all her 
good works here in this mission. 
Sister Payze decided to leave a piece of the band of her favorite watch.   We'll 
think of you each TIME we look at it-no pun intended.

Elder Smith leaving his tie and a part of himself in this mission. You are taking
a part of our hearts with you.

Sister Smiths turn to leave something to remember her by.  Like there is any 
chance we could forget the Smiths!!   Thank you for keeping this mission
running day after day.  We love you so much.
After a wonderful day together and testimonies shared, its time for one last photo. 
We will miss you terribly but rejoice in your valiant service and in knowing you 
are returning to your wonderful families.  We love you all so much.

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